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Not being able to imagine a fate much worse than spending Every Day with Rachel Ray, her magazine of the same title hovers on our must-read list somewhere below the testimonial gallery for a high-powered colon cleanse. Nevertheless, the Food Network's resident Joker manages to find her way into the refrigerators of famous folk, so it's hard to turn a blind eye to her Q&A with Good Morning America martyr Diane Sawyer, who is surprisingly disgusting:

RR: All right—the fridge. You've got a lot of Tupperware in there. Did you make any of the food?

DS: I make fantastic sandwiches. I'm all about combining leftovers with jalape o. My entire cooking expertise is based on what I can put jalape o on.

No wonder Charlie Gibson hightailed it out of there.

Celebrity Fridge - Diane Sawyer [Every Day With Rachel Ray]
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