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Sex columnist Amy Sohn pops her head up on her website to weigh in on the apparently hot topic of SAHMs. (That's "stay at home moms," for those of you who don't read New York or Amy thinks this is a bad idea, in that it leads to neurotic children, boring moms, and smug dads. Instead, she's figured out the secret to serenity and acceptance when it comes to parenting: Buddhist minders.

In our family, we have a Tibetan nanny 2 full days a week and Jake and I split the rest. Our kid is adaptable because she's around lots of different people. There is nothing that only I can do for her. When she's sick and upset we hire our sitter for an extra night and by the time she leaves our kid is better. That's how good she is. We pay up the wazoo for the child care, especially since it's only part time.

Amy and family are of course thankful for the help, and express that thanks in appropriately enlightened ways ("We love our sitter so much we just bought her cable.") And clearly, the woman must be doing something right: "I'm thinking of taking over the Montauk Club and turning it into a private club for Brooklyn Bohos. Indie rock concerts, a sun deck, and ON-SITE CHILD CARE staffed solely by Tibetans."

Whether this represents the beginning of a trend or not we cannot say, but a good indicator might be the erection of "Potala Park Pre-K" in the south Slope.

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