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The following flackery, courtesy of a major public relations firm, has indirectly landed in our box:


Offspring to one of the wealthiest southern political black families, Congressman Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee has stated in the past that he believes he personally benefited from the affirmative action at the University of Michigan. But last night, the young bachelor was seen kissing and holding hands with a white brunette woman at the hot meatpacking restaurant Sascha the other night. The two were dining on the Gansevoort terrace with another inter-racial couple and passersby on Gansevoort who are familiar with the representative were upset at the jungle fever since the Ford political family pride themselves on their black southern heritage and obtaining more rights for the black citizens in the backward state where many blacks still feel discriminated.

This is real, and it did not come from Alabama. Someone in New York City actually wrote this shit, put their name on it and sent it to media outlets. We'll leave it to you to figure out what, exactly, is being pitched, but here's a hint: the publicist really isn't flacking white hoods.