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Today's LAT reports on yesterday's brief writer walk-out over at the offices of American's Next Top Model, a protest over the show's refusal to allow the people who coax coherent storylines out of Tyra Banks' sassy eye-rolls and Janice Dickinson's batshit ramblings to join the Writers Guild:

The dispute comes at a delicate time for the new CW network, which is relying on the hit reality show created by supermodel Tyra Banks to dress up its inaugural lineup.

The series debuts Sept. 20 on the CW, forged by CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. Television from the remnants of the WB and UPN networks. Only the first few episodes have been completed for the series' seventh cycle.

In a low-key protest outside their West Los Angeles offices, the writers wore red "United We Stand" T-shirts with the writers guild's logo and handed out fliers titled "Free to Be Union? Not at the CW's America's Next Top Model," a play on the network's motto, "Free to Be."

Yesterday's "low-key" event was obviously just a warm-up for today's action, as we're told that picketers are already noisily protesting outside the ANTM offices and plan on being there all day. It should go without saying that we welcome any reports on the melee, especially those that involve cameraphone photography of sandwich board and picket-sign copy decrying Tyra Banks as a sweatshop foreman.