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• Coffee-chucking State Sen. Ada Smith also proficient at throwing phones. [NYDN]
• We're trying to think of something more embarrassing than plagiarizing Office Pirates for your MySpace blog. Maybe reading Office Pirates in the first place. Either way, a close run thing. [OP]
• Tom Friedman uses a bad word in his NYT column. Expect Maureen Dowd to try out "hot piece of twat" this weekend. [HuffPo]
• When it comes to rescuing American students, of course we'd save our bright young Ivy Leaguers first. There'll always be plenty more Rutgers grads to man the McDonald's. [ABC]
• Say goodbye to the man who invented the Philly cheesesteak. This is the other place: You can say goodbye in any language you want. []
• Eliot Spitzer goes after that all-important "your hippie dad" vote. [NYT]