If you've seen the sign above, you probably wondered at its provenance and meaning. Blogger The Reeler sorts it all out for you:

Not quite believing (or even being able to rationalize) what I was seeing, I sent along an inquiry to learn more. "Wes Anderson is just one of my all-time favorite directors," said Sarah Law, a friendly, candid 20-year-old Hong Kong native who began her quest late in 2005. "I'm an art student at Parsons, and I've always wanted to meet him, but I've never been able to figure out how I could get his contact (information). So I just started putting up these posters. I put them up downtown, in SoHo, East Village, West Village, kind of all over the place. I've been getting a lot of contact from people, but so far I haven't really gotten in touch with him." And after she meets him? "I'd really like to work with him in some capacity," she said. "I'm very interested in all kinds of art, and I mean, it could be a very na ve, student-type thing to do, but just to be in these kind of creative situations and projects, that what I want to do. It started as a project to find him, and whatever comes out of it—even if it's nothing—I still had fun doing it."

And there you have it: Just another kid hustling for a job. We also have a "project" concerning Wes Andersen, but ours involves a tire iron and an attempt to get back the $10.75 we paid to sit through The Life Aquatic. If anyone out there knows Wes or his movements, get in touch.

Where's Anderson? One New Yorker's Quest For Wes [The Reeler]