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Carthaginian history buff/marble-mouthed action star Vin Diesel, once briefly discouraged by a studio executive's refusal to commit the eleventy billion dollars necessary to realize his epic passion project based on the life of legendary mountain-crossing, Italian-besieging general Hannibal, refuses to abandon his crazy, elephant-chasing dreams. While a Hannibal feature film is still in development (primarily in the form of a stunningly detailed shoebox diorama in the obsessed actor's garage), today's THR reports that Diesel will bring a scaled-down realization of his vision to BET in a "groundbreaking" animated series. Hopefully, the TV project will ultimately satisfy Diesel's need to tell this story, saving him from yet another round of frustrating pitches in which shortsighted suits dismiss his plan to march two hundred animatronic elephants across the Alps in a sneak-attack against a real Italian village.