Yep, we heard about the sumo rasslers parading around town, half-naked and bulgey. They're a publicity stunt for video streamer See, the site is called "Heavy," and sumos are heavy! Haw! (Should the plural of sumo also be sumo? Copy desk!) Anyway, an attempt to stage a match inside the Cond Nast cafeteria was scrubbed by security, but other feats of humiliation are set to be staged at media outlets around town. Check FishbowlNY for the full schedule. We welcome further pics and video of the sumo(s) as they become available. Special prize if an identifiable media staffer can be seen in frame with a sumo. Super-special prize if said sumo and staffer are actually wrestling. To Launch Heavy News; Cond Nast Cafeteria Bans Live Sumo Press Tour [FisbbowlNY]