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If there's one thing the past few days have shown us, it's that the best way to revive the increasingly troglodytic newspaper industry is by putting newspapers on television. And now that the hardcore reporters at the Daily News are on the small screen with Bravo's docu-series Tabloid Wars, all the lazy small screen reporters suddenly give a shit about newsprint. Thus the Today show has been scuttling around the News offices for the past couple of hours, with entertainment correspondent Jill Rappaport shoving her formidable chin into everybody's business. A flakey news show covering a reality show about a legitimate news operation? Our blood sugar is too low to handle this sort of meta.

Meanwhile, a sad, late afternoon update on the News' deputy metro mancake Greg Gittrich: he's married. And allegedly his mom's a nun. But that's never stopped us before! (The nun, we mean.)

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