When we tossed off an end-of-day link to this $350 Snakes on a Plane-inspired necklace—designed, incidentally, by a real, live, and credited Snakes on a Plane cast member!—we thought: OK, a bit overpriced, but cute enough. It was soon pointed out to us that we somehow missed the $3,900.00 version (pictured) also on offer at the website, a luxury bauble priced out of the range of pretty much everyone but the foul-mouthed guy who's actually flinging interloping reptiles around the economy class cabin. Diamond-encrusted snakes on an eighteen-carat-gold plane makes us so very, very tired.

And as long as we're talking about Samuel L. Jackson and Snakes backlash (catch us tomorrow when New Line sends us five bucks on PayPal and we do a total about-face on the issue!), it seems that he's now made a catchphrase out of the knowing words that convinced people buy into the whole phenomenon in the first place: "You either want to see that, or you don't." In fairness, Jackson was at Comic-Con and was probably just a little sick of screaming "I want these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane" at someone in a Darth Vader helmet for the three hundredth time that day.