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To promote Fox Searchlight's small scale comedy Little Miss Sunshine, the Fox marketing department had someone drive the movie's iconic VW bus around town. An eyewitness managed to snap a cameraphone photo of the saffron-hued promobile, which, through either faulty mechanics or bad driving, managed to make afternoon traffic on Pico Blvd. even worse:

Just in case anybody cares: Yes, that was the VW bus from the movie Little Miss Sunshine f-ing up traffic this afternoon on Pico, just east of its home at the Fox lot. Not sure if this lame camera phone picture will show it or not, but the license plate clearly said "Sunshine" with a logo from the movie. It sounded as thought the van was having some serious engine trouble. That or someone was just learning to drive one of those shifter cars.

We have a feeling this may well have been the last tour of duty for the star-on-wheels, which should quickly find itself pulled out of the shooting range of irate commuters, and installed instead in the safety of some photo-op-friendly spot on the Fox lot. Fox publicity, meanwhile, is hoping their upcoming promotional event, in which Little Miss star Steve Carrell will shave a giant happy face into his chest and hand out lemon ices to passersby will prove more to be more of a crowd pleaser.