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Right, Netscape head Jason Calacanis will try to spin this one way, and Digg founder Kevin Rose will try to spin it the other. But the real story behind the latest battle of the social bookmarking sites started like this:

Kevin Rose gets the sexy users. They love him. Oh, they love him. He's with another user every five minutes, gettin' it on, makin' that user crazy. That little user's begging for Kevin's sweet sweet link juice. Yes! Link it all over her! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Whereas with Jason Calacanis, it's more like "Hey, baby, get in my car, I'll make you a star, just go wild, and sign this consent form. I'm just paying you for what you already do free. And after we have our way with you, ya get a t-shirt."

"Okay," says the user. "Just please don't tell my parents."

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