The fine folks at Animal point to this interesting bit on News Hounds, detailing how Hezbollah issued a "directive" to Fox News in particular and the media in general "not to show outgoing Katyusha rocket fire." Such a reaction might have been prompted by segments like the above, where Fox's Bill Hemmer points out (from the Israeli side) where such rockets had likely been fired from, and where they likely landed. Apparently Hezbollah believes that such coverage helps the Israelis target their positions. Since Fox has personnel on the Lebanese side of the border who might, you know, get all dead and stuff if one of those rockets "accidentally" went the wrong way, Fox agreed to abstain from rocket spotting.

Does this mean Fox negotiates with terrorists? More importantly, does this mean Hezbollah views Fox's intelligence-gathering as superior to Israel's? Hezbollah better not be stocking any imaginary WMDs, because Fox will find that shit, and find it, and keep finding it for years.

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