Today's Post asks the question on everyone's mind: Should Hillary Rodham Clinton return campaign donations from a known adulterer Peter Cook, who cheated on Christie Brinkley with hot piece of twat Diana - eh, you know it all by now. Clinton couldn't tell The Post whether or not she'd give back Cook's $13,000 in donations. Neither did she tell the paper if she'd give back the cash raised at the recent fundraiser hosted by known adulterer Rupert Murdoch, whose affair with Wendi Deng ended his thirty-six year marriage to second wife Anna, although presumably they didn't ask her that one. In any event, we're more interested in the picture here:

This image was lost some time after publication.

Don't Brinkley's eyes scream "Don't even think about it?" And don't Cook's say, "I want to stick it in you." Hillary Rodham Clinton. Dude's got a dick that just won't quit.