Jim Gilchrist is the founder of the border vigilante group known as the Minuteman Project, and he hopes to surf a bitchin' wave of xenophobia right into the U.S. Congress. Celebrating that cause plus his new book about the Minutemen, Gilchrist showed up at Ground Zero today to confront Satan, and/or people who don't share his views on immigration. We're not sure who "the meanest thugs carrying the biggest clubs" are, or why they would both "trammel" and "pummel" Gilchrist and his minions, but it all sounds like a cracking good time. According to Gilchrist, Satan might be the prince of darkness, but he will "back down under the rule of law." Because Satan is already thisclose to losing his driver's license from those two DUIs, so can you give him a ride back uptown, dude?