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• God bless the boys at the Smoking Gun: they've got the "remarkably sleazy," 22-page affadavit filed against Jeffrey Epstein, Manhattan financier and Palm Beach underage massage aficionado. Don't miss page 12 and the Tale of the Egg-Shaped Penis. [TSG]
• Please, sweet baby Jesus, make it stop: more than 1,000 Con Ed customers in Staten Island just lost power. [Daily Politics]
• Peter Braunstein emerges for his hearing in furs and heels! Or we wish he did. The former WWD reporter and accused fireman rapist appeared to have his trial date set for November 20; alas, he was dressed like shit. [ETP]
• Whither Tina Brown? Only Will Shortz knows. [The State That I Am In]
• A-Rod just wants to cuddle. [NYT]
• A new level of anal. [Salon]
• Hillary Clinton's bust will be unveiled in the Museum of Sex. How can this not involve Bill? [FishbowlNY]