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So the weekly podcast "The Gillmor Gang" is in limbo as members Michael Arrington, Steve Gillmor, and Nick Carr fight their personal demons. I'm wondering the same thing you are about this tiff: Who are these guys, what's their problem, and why should I care?

The short version: Michael is the TechCrunch blog founder with a heart of gold. Nick is the linkbaiting hard-ass. Steve hosts a podcast, which has twice included Michael and Nick. Michael's sick of hearing Nick be mean to other people, so he resigned. It matters because Nick is a leading tech pundit, thanks to his article and book, Does IT Matter? Michael is becoming a leading tech pundit as TechCrunch becomes the go-to site for IT business news.

The long version follows.

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Before the latest Gillmor Gang show: Nick Carr wrote an article treating Netscape head Jason Calacanis as a pioneer for offering to pay top users. Michael Arrington writes an article calling Jason's offer a "red flag" for Netscape.

During the show: (A partial recording went live today. I'm still listening.) The first nine minutes are about some stupid gossip blog named Valleywag. Apparently I'm not invited to Michael's party any more, because I posted this e-mail.

Steve Gillmor asks to be bumped above other people on Michael's party guest list. Michael declines.

Nick, Steve, Jason, and Michael discuss Jason's Netscape offer.

During the show, still unreleased: Michael says he's not coming back to the show if Nick's on it again.

After the show: Nick blogs Michael's "resignation" and promises to leave the show so Michael can stay.

Michael blogs his reasons for leaving and denies that he left because Nick once called him a whore.

Nick updates his post, saying: "A madam is a very different occupation than a whore." Yes, a careful reading of the post in question shows that Nick actually called Michael's TechCrunch writers whores.

Still to come: Michael's famous for apologizing after big spats. But who will get his apology? Steve, whose show will be weaker without the one name people still recognize on the bill? Nick, who now left the show for no reason and can't return without looking desperate? Jason, for being rich enough that Michael should stay on his good side? Or me, for not banning me from his party sooner?

Gillmor Gang recording, part 1 []
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