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· Don't even pretend to act surprised that Travolta doesn't look good with his shirt off. You saw Pulp Fiction at least a decade ago, didn't you?
If you're a news outlet wondering how to correctly cover Lance Bass's coming out party, these handy guidelines from the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association should put you on the right track.
If you've ever wondered what happens when you e-mail a picture of a cat in a t-shirt to the Craigslist blind date who stood you up, well, wonder no more.
Today's obligatory SoaP-related links: Snakes on a Flying Machine and the seemingly inevitable Snakes on a Train. [via The Hot Blog]
· No one laughed harder than Colin Farrell after Michael Mann told him he'd just swallowed five crack rocks for no good reason: "To heighten the movie's air of reality, the actors trained with weapons and worked with undercover cops. They acted out scenarios for drug buys, and Farrell even tagged along on a mishandled drug bust he thought was real."