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  • The Wall Street Journal tries hard to find a contrarian view for Wired editor Chris Anderson's book, The Long Tail. Chris Anderson, amused, topples it like a sadist at a domino exhibition. [WSJ and The Long Tail]
  • At the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit, YouTube founder Chad Hurley says he wants the company to stay independent. Since YouTube's still in the red and will depend on a sale to repay its investors, just add this to the pile of bullshit said at conferences. [ZDNet]
  • Another conspiracy theorist has connected Microsoft's Bill Gates to Satan. Yawn. [, Illustration]
  • A top Digg user explains why he turned down Netscape manager Jason Calacanis's offer to defect — even for money. []
  • Why did a Digg user get kicked from the site after posting a joke about social sites Digg and Reddit? []
  • Steve Case said he was "sorry" for merging his AOL with Time Warner. But it was his best deal ever. [Broadcasting and Cable]