You watch "Good Day New York," kids? Not us; we're too busy masturbating to Ann Curry's face while Johnny Mathis plays in the background. So apparently we missed a total anchor meltdown by someone called Jodi Applegate this morning. We'll reconstruct what happened from viewer e-mails after the jump, but if any of you out there happen to have video, please get in touch.

Right before I turned off my t.v. to go into work, I witnessed Jody Applegate from Fox 5 in the morning go absolutely ape over a stunt to guys pulled on camera. They were supposed to be promoting some movie they made about how easy it is to steal bicycles in the city, and they were using some sort of electric saw to cut through a lock when one guy starts acting like he's being cut by the saw. It was totally fake and completely lame, but Applegate freaked out, lectured them on camera, and then felt it necessary to apologize to the viewing audience after the commercial break, denouncing the pair as jerks.

Keep in mind, this is all after she has been on air trying to convince every male anchorman/weatherman in a 50 mile radius to take their clothes off....She even offered to strip down on t.v. herself.

...two guys that had just shot an indie flick about bike stealing in NYC were on demonstrating how easy it is to cut through most bike locks.

They were using an electric circular saw to cut the lock when suddenly one guy jerked and pretended to cut the other, who exploded a ketchup packet in his shirt. Needless to say, the Fox crew had no idea what was going on, and talking bobble head Jody Applegate totally lost her shit. She starting screaming at the guys to stop and yelling into the camera . . . breaking her "little miss sunshine" persona.

But one of the guys started to use an electrical saw on a piece of railing whilst the other guy fell on the floor screaming and grabbing his neck like he was choking.

Cut to Jodie Applegate flipping out and telling them to stop and that kids were watching the show and telling viewers that Good Day had gotten burned by theses "jerks" etc etc. It went on for a good 45 seconds and then cut to a commercial. When they came back to the studio Applegate was STILL raving. I couldn't believe it!!

I'm not sure if you guys would know anything about it, but when I turned on my TV this morning a little before eight I heard Jodi Applegate on Fox's 'Good Day New York' make the following statement coming back from a traffic report (transcribed from memory, so forgive innacuracy):

"We apologize to our viewers: we know that a lot of people don't like to see that sort of thing and most people don't like to see blood and carnage and gore at any time, let alone this early in the morning. Just know that we at Fox had nothing to do with planning that, we didn't know they were going to do it, and if we knew we wouldn't have had them on. They burned us. They burned us and we're never having them on again and if they're selling something on the internet you should not buy it."

Interesting fact about these submissions: Each one came with some variation of the line, "I'm ashamed to admit that I watch it, but on today's 'Good Day, New York'..."

Get us that video, kids.