If you watched Monday night's debate between Democratic gubernatorial candidates Eliot Spitzer and Tom Suozzi, you need to get a fucking life. Seriously, New York offers a number of organizations where you can make new friends who share your interests and passions; look into them. But anyway, while you were sitting at home with your cats watching one of the more pointless political events of the season, you probably noticed that, when asked about smoking marijuana, both men affirmed that they had been on the pipe. (Spitzer, oddly, hasn't allowed his own experiences to change his view that we shouldn't permit the medical use of the drug, which makes sense: Why waste good pot on people who won't enjoy it?) In any event, we find it rather cheering that we've now reached a place in our politics where candidates can openly advertise their ganja consumption. Should Suozzi realize that he's fighting a futile battle and cut a deal with Spitzer to replace David Patterson as the ticket's lieutenant governor, we think we might have the perfect poster for the team.

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