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In an online discussion with Times Magazine editor Gerald Marzorati, an American solider writes: "I love the magazine, best part of the Sunday paper. Regrettably, I can't get The Times over here in Iraq and reading the mag online just isn't the same... Anyway, my question: How did you make the decision to add the story/comic book section?"

Marzotti responds: "[Y]ou embody the reason I was interested in scheming up the Funny Pages. In the post-9/11 world, a lot of our pages are being devoted to Iraq and, more generally, to national security and the war on terror. I wanted there to be a place in the magazine that was escapist. I count on attracting readers who want to be informed, of course, but I also count on attracting readers who want to be entertained."

It's not often we agree with the right wing, but the evidence seems pretty clear: The New York Times created The "Funny" Pages to demoralize our troops. Suddenly the serialization of that Saddam Hussein novel makes sense.

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