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We really hate to seem obsessive about this Lindsay Lohan "dehydration" business, but a good, solid Lohan collapse-and-emergency-hospitalization really only happens every six months or so, and thus we have to savor it knowing we might have to wait until winter for the next episode. In the interest of providing a total accounting of Lohan's whereabouts over the pre- and post-dehydration periods, paparazzi agency x17 has pieced together the swoon-prone actress' recent schedule:

Tuesday/Wednesday -

11:30 pm - party at Guy's with Harry Morton

1:45 am - slam head against car while leaving club

2:30 am - arrive on the set of "Georgia Rules" [sic] for night shoots in downtown LA

4:00 am - collapse from heat exhaustion

4:30 am - go to the hospital to find out real reason for collapse

6:00 am - released from hospital; head to Harry's Malibu pad to recover

8:00 pm - dinner at Il Sole with Harry

9:30 pm - head to Chateau Marmont

This timeline helpfully indicates that Lohan's appearance at Guy's on Tuesday night actually preceded the collapse and was not, in fact, the evidence of her incredible power to bounce back from the deleterious effects of overexertion in extreme heat we previously believed it to be. Things are finally starting to make some sense. Thanks, paparazzi guys!