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We may blithely skip about our safe and syringe-free streets, but if you're young and drunk (and at heart, who isn't?), this town will still shoot you or rape you or bludgeon you, leaving your body to be found on the side of a lonely road, outside of a crap club or in a dumpster.

The early Tuesday AM murder of 18-year-old Jersey girl Jennifer Moore is the third in a string of nightlife horrors: in February, Imette St. Guillen was allegedly raped and murdered by bouncer Darryl Littlejohn after she was last seen drinking alone in now-defunct Soho bar The Falls; in May, bouncer Stephen Sakai opened fire on the crowd outside of Chelsea club Opus 22, killing one and wounding three others; and early Tuesday morning, after leaving Chelsea club Guest House, a lost and drunken Moore is believed to have ended up in a cab with Draymond Coleman, a pimp and crackhead who is suspected of killing the young woman in a Weehawken hotel room before shoving her body in a suitcase and throwing it in a dumpster.

Nightlife blogger-cum-crime commentator Rob the Bouncer has his insights:

When you're Bridge and Tunnel, as Jennifer Moore was, things get a bit dicier. You cross the river, you pay your toll, and you're part of the show until last call. After that, for us, there's a process involved. You need to get home, and home is hardly a short cab or subway ride away. No. It's more complicated than all that. And in the interim — the time between, when commuter trains are caught, or cars retrieved — shit happens. When you're young, and from the suburbs, and don't know where to legally park or how to get back to the PATH or the LIRR, you're exposing yourself to 4 am New York — the Manhattan of Darryl Littlejohn, Steven Sakai and Draymond Coleman.

So if the bouncer or Chelsea doesn't kill you, being Bridge and Tunnel will?

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