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According to an 87-page Palm Beach Police Department report, on April 17 billionaire moneybag and suspected hebephile Jeffrey Epstein agreed to plead guilty to an aggravated assault charge, serve five years probation, undergo "psychiatric/sexual evaluation," and have no unsupervised visits with minors. Epstein's then-counsel Guy Fronstin relayed that Epstein would accept the plea bargin and asked that investigators "call off the grand jury as they would accept this deal." It could've resulted in a somewhat smaller shitstorm, but the deal was never closed:

It is unclear why the plea bargain was not formally struck at that point, but the report indicates that police investigators—who anticipated five felony counts being lodged against Epstein—were incensed at what they clearly viewed as a sweetheart prosecution offer.

Strangely, in mid-May, Epstein was offered the plea bargain again, but papers indicate that the prosecutor "was waiting" for an answer. Yet on Sunday, Epstein was unfairly arrested for a felony count of soliciting prostitution. What kind of justice is there in this world when even a billionaire can't take an extra 3 months to get some massages while mulling over his legal options?

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