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In this week's episode: Colin Farrell; Harrison Ford; Leonardo Dicaprio and Hilary Swank; Jamie Fox; Babyface and Ryan Seacrest; Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly; Penelope Cruz, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Scheer Demme and Rachel Zoe; Mandy Moore and Jake Gyllenhaal; Laura Dern and Meg Ryan; Keanu Reeves and Lionel Richie; Patrick Ewing; Jason Lee; Rivers Cuomo; Daniel Radcliffe; Ed Harris; Jason Statham; Adrian Grenier; Dylan McDermott; Shawn Ashmore; Vincent Gallo; Pharrell Williams; Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger; Peter Gallagher; Shane West; Dog The Bounty Hunter; The Girls Next Door; James Haven Voight and Lori Petty.

· Wed, July 19 - saw Colin Farrell in the residential section of Toluca Lake riding a bicycle. Sounds farfetched, I know. The fact that it was 10am and he was not only awake, but also exercising does not lend any credibility to the story, but it was him.

· Saturday, July 22 at the Viceroy: my girlfriends and I were waiting for a member of our party in the outdoor pool area, near the doors to the lobby, when I notice a good-looking guy in a wife-beater and a newsboy cap. He was with an older gentleman - probably 70+, short, round, large nose - and I said, "I think that's Colin Farrell." And indeed, it was. He seemed sober, and was polite and friendly to the wave after wave of women that approached him. He looked exactly as I would've expected him to look, though it would've been a better story had he been hammered and living up to his man-whore reputation.

Sunday, July 23 - saw Harrison Ford on the Promenade in Santa Monica with what was presumably (hopefully) his youngest daughter. Despite his Clark Kent-like disguise (gold hoop earring), he was easily spotted going to the movies. Not sure if he was seeing Pirates and lamenting his glory days when that would have been his movie or My Super-Ex Girlfriend and doing the same.

· i had dinner last night at giorgios and sat next to Leonardo Dicaprio and Hilary Swank having dinner together.....hmmmmmm

· Tonight (7-26) @ Koi -

Babyface solo, white shirt, Chrome Hearts dog tag.

Ryan Seacrest, gayer than ever working the sushi bar. In shocking news his tips were not frosted.

Saturday @ The W Hotel

Jamie Foxx and MASSIVE bodyguard were sharing an elevator with me. 100,000K watch on, jumped into a silver Ferrari, honked at the car in front of him and sped off.

· Just saw Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and John C. Reilly having dinner at Hungry Cat on Sunset. might have been others from new movie taladaga nights? coming out next week. Couldn't tell what he was wearing except his cologne was definitely Blackbeards Delight

· You should call this MarmontWatch. Saw Penelope Cruz there with her dog. She's pretty, shorter than expected, blah blah. The real highlight was dinner Sat night. #1 resident Lindsay Lohan was having dinner with a cute younger girl (who I later found out was Andre Balazs daughter- she was GORGEOUS especially for a 16 year old. Watch out for her). Later they were joined by Amanda Scheer Demme and her cute kids, then Rachel Zoe. Toward the end of the night, I was a bit drunk and decided to say hi to Lindsay, and she was extremely sweet, polite and beautiful. As much as I wanted to say mean things, I can't. She was great.

· 7/26/06. Mandy Moore at The Little Door looking like the prettiest girl in your high school. She was with possibly an agent type or could he have been love mediator as in came casual short wearing Jake Gyllenhaal... Mandy and Jake sat together while the other man hung out at the bar. Couldn't make out if it was love connection or work... like dinner with either of them could really be classified as work. Isn't he with Natalie Portman or is it Lance Armstrong? Can't keep up...

· This Sunday night around 9 PM I was walking down Cannon Blvd. in Beverly Hills with a friend of mine. As we walked passed Spago we saw Governor Scwarzenegger and Maria Shriver walk out of the restaurant followed by two body guards. They looked good and were dressed well as they rushed into their big black SUV.

· Laura Dern and Meg Ryan lunching at the Gardens in Westwood with Meg's new Raggedy Ann doll, uh, daughter. Laura was smiling and paying the check, the kid was lounging in a high chair, Meg was looking unbalanced. Is it just me, or do other people think Meg looks nuts, too? Ferchrissakes, even her hair looks crazy! It's called a COMB, Meg, read about it.

· During my just completed, less than 24 hour stay in LA: on my American flight out of JFK - Mr. Keanu Reeves. He arrived at the gate at least 15 minutes before boarding. Sat and waited patiently "just like us"..... He hugged and kissed his blonde "handler" - and was the first one on the plane. Keanu wore jeans and a plain white T-shirt. While I never found him particularly attractive - I can sort of dig the new scruffy look. Not bad.... In LA proper: hanging out around midnight, in the fairly empty lobby of L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, I spotted Nicole Richie's daddy - Lionel Richie. Wearing a black shirt, buttoned down to almost his waist - I kid you not! Some attractive Asian chick hanging on to him for dear life, also joined by another dude I couldn't place. Lionel seemed very hyper, he kept getting up and sitting down every 10 minutes.... Glad to be back.....

· keanu reeves on my flight from JFK to LAX; AA#3 Thursday, 7/20 ARR 2:30pm sitting in first class looking much like he always looks—aloof, in casual yet snappy looking attire with requisite scruff.

· Patrick Ewing Wednesday night, 7/19 at Buddha Bar in the Meatpacking District in New York. Came with another gentleman and two ladies. Created a bit of a stir as the chairs in Buddha Bar have arms and he was not able to fit into any of the chairs at the table. Literally stood there patiently for a few minutes until the staff brought a proper sized chair to them.

Jason Lee afternoon of Thursday, 7/20 wandering around looking at the various art installations at the Project Global Tradeshow at the Javits Center in New York. Looked somewhat scruffy and was mild-mannered and unnoticeable to the fashionista crowd.

· I was at the Arclight Wednesday. My boyfriend and I were a little tipsy, enjoying a drink and a cigarette, and we had two sightings, almost simultaneously.

The first was Rivers Cuomo, and he was talking to someone who had the exact same indie band-guy uniform on. You know, the glasses, the almost-tight jeans, and the ironic t-shirt.

The second was that kid who plays Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe). It seemed like he was looking for somebody and finally sat down and repeatedly tried calling someone on his cell. Maybe he was stood up? I don't know, you'd think with his money that he'd be reeling in the Potter fans. But, he sure was tiny. Like a miniature teenager. Do I detect some magic shrinking potion?

· Earlier this morning (Saturday 7/22) we saw Nicole Richie filming something in front of the Bulgari store on Rodeo Drive. She was all decked out in a little black dress and jewels with big black glasses. Maybe it was a commercial for Bulgari? She looked like Breakfast at Tiffany's. Really really tiny but very pretty, actually.

· Ed Harris at the United terminal at LAX, Friday around 10:30 p.m. I was waiting to pick up a friend, and I saw a bunch of limo drivers waiting for their clients. One was holding a sign that said "E. Harris", and lo, Ed Harris came down the escalator and walked over to him. He was wearing a baseball cap, button-down shirt and jeans. He went outside to smoke while his driver picked up his luggage. There was also a guy with an "Olbermann" sign (and I've since found out that in fact Keith Olbermann was in town for the Television Critics Association thingie), but I didn't want to wait any more to see if it indeed was the newsman. My friend's flight had already been delayed an hour, and I was mighty cranky.

· Saturday night 7.22 I decided to brave the heat and went downtown to Giant Village to check out the cracked out hets and enjoy some great music. On my way to catch John Digweed (who was amazing!), saw uberhottie action star Jason Statham chatting with some guy. He's even hotter in person even though he's a PG (pocket guy). Jason was really into his conversation, using lots of hand gestures and the what not. Guess he was feeling the vibe.

· Between Brad Pitt a few weeks ago and now Adrian Grenier at the Silverlake Trader Joe's, my beloved neighborhood has officially gone to hell. Couldn't help but spot Adrian as he was just standing in the middle of the main aisle in front of the cash registers, with a cookie-cutter Hollywood blonde flitting back and forth in front of him. He was very, very tanned and kinda funny looking in person. Looked like a surfer Muppet. Taller than I expected though.

· So Friday morning I rushed to Brentwood Country Mart to check out City Bakery. As I enter the empty courtyard I notice a handsome guy. Turns out it was Dylan McDermott! Looking really good in a t-shirt and gym shorts - like he had just worked out. Made my caramelized french toast that much sweeter!

· I was wandering the aisles of my local Pavilions (Melrose/Vine) on Tuesday when I spotted a kid in a white t-shirt with one or two tattoos on his arms looking at chips with another guy. My initial thought was, "wow, what a good looking kid" and after passing him it hit me: that was Iceman (Shawn Ashmore)! My friends and I proceeded to stalk him to the toiletries aisle where he look at some soaps while his stubbled, baseball-cap wearing companion perused the vegetables. we're fairly sure the friend was his tein brother Aaron Ashmore, but we couldn't get a good look at him, and hey, if you've seen one twin.... there you have it: my supermarket is x-man approved.

· Monday, July 24th. WeHo Whole Foods. Vincent Gallo waiting in line. Sweaty and bug-eyed (him not me), so I didn't really want to get too close to see what he had in his basket.

· sat 07/22 Pharrell Williams outside the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills, taking pictures with fans. not as short as i'd imagined, but wiry

· Last night at The Flaming Lips show, saw Josh "Pacey" Jackson and Helen of Troy herself (Diane Kruger) on what looked like a date. They had trouble finding their seats, which weren't in a box...poor things had to sit amongst the plebes. Both looked good, but didn't stand out from the sweaty and sticky hipster crowd. Pacey was quite handsome, tall and trim, just like the good old days out on the Creek.

· Saw Joshua Jackson at the Hollywood Bowl Sunday night 7/23 for the Thievery Corporation/Flaming Lips show. Was hanging out mid-show in the central walkway near the beer line. Was just standing around chatting with nondescript guy, blending in well. Looking very grizzled with a unkempt beard.

· Saturday night at Buffalo Club in Santa Monica: Peter Gallagher (aka Sandy Cohen) having dinner with a same-age long-haired blonde. They both seemed very immersed in their conversation. Another woman joined them a couple of hours later, but they all left around 11.

· July 24th, roughly 6:00 A.M., I spotted Shane West in the LAX departures terminal, I think he was flying Southwest. I guess his career's not going that great if that's all he can afford. He looked ok, very recognizable.

· Finally I see someone on robertson!!!! My friends and I were outside of the Ivy and see Dog The Bounty Hunter. He must have just finished lunch because he and his wife were posing for pictures and then they got in his black H2...the show must be doing really well! He seemed nice and looked JUST like he does on his show.

· As I prepared to exit the Artist's Entrance of CBS Television City on this smoldering L.A. afternoon, three skanky blondes dressed for a night in Vegas even though the sun was shining caught my eye. As I got closer I realized they were Hef's 3 "girlfriends" from E's The Girls Next Door. An older man was leading them in and a less skanky blonde trailed behind them - presumably their publicist/brain. I like to think they were hoping to trade up from Hefner to Les Moonves, though they were probably there to tape a guest appearance on Craig Ferguson or some other desperate for guests talk show.

· Ran into Whole Foods in Brentwood on Sunday around 6 and noticed a tall guy with great bone structure roaming aimlessly. None other than James Haven Voight (whichever last name he's using I don't really know—had to google to remember...) AKA Angelina Jolie's Brother. He was wearing a white t-shirt, old jeans and black baseball cap and dark sunglasses—basically a "look at me!" outfit. He's tall and pretty much looks like a dude version of his sister. The weird thing is that by the time I circled back and checked out five minutes later he was still wandering in the produce section without a cart or basket or any produce. Maybe he's a little lost now that sis has found a new guy to be so in love with right now.

· Wednesday 7/19..... Lori Petty and an Asian girlfriend-type-person at Steely Dan/Michael McDonald at Verizon Amphitheater. Lori was really nice, rocking out HARD to the Doobies songs that MMD did. You can't be mad at someone standing up and dancing in front of you when they are that darn cute!