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If your long-term memory functions well enough to recall the past week, you'll remember that a Rubenstein flack recently sent out a very special pitch for Meatpacking District restaurant Sascha. Her angle: an interracial couple were "upsetting" people at the "hot" eatery; the "jungle fever" then continued on the terrace of the Gansevoort.

Lori Brown, the publicist who wrote the offending item, was appropriately canned on Monday. Having thus taken care of that troubling little racism issue, Rubenstein makes it up to their valued client by tightening the vise on Richard Johnson's balls and getting Sascha the inoffensive placement it deserves. From today's Page Six:

The Gansevoort Street sidewalk outside Sascha Restaurant & Bakery is becoming the East Coast version of Sunset Boulevard. Jodie Foster brings her two boys there for pancakes. When the young 'uns accidentally smashed a couple of glasses, her apology to the waitress was worthy of a two-time Oscar winner. Jessica Seinfeld's daughter, Sascha, loves to collect the eatery's bags and stickers because the unusual spelling of her name matches that of owner Sascha Lyon. Also there lately were Edie Falco, Vin Diesel and Taye Diggs and his wife, Idina Menzel.

See? Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are a mixed couple — but now that's okay!

Starry Sidewalk [Page Six]

UPDATE: A Rubenstein rep emails us that they resigned Sascha as a client before the Page Six item ran and thus, in her words, "This item is not accurate."