Savor, if you will, the above digital treasure of a clip sent to us by of recent closet evacuator Lance Bass being interviewed by babe sportscaster Jill Arrington at a party at the Playboy Mansion. (They appear to be celebrating the birth of SpikeTV, which would put the clip at 2003.) Bass makes use of his considerable acting talents to play an enhanced version of a character he had played for years: Famous Guy Who Really Digs Chicks, going so far as to share, "My fascination is to have twins take body shots off of [me]." At least part of his "fascination" is brought to fascinating life, as we cut to footage of Bass reclining on the bar as a bevy of playmates goes to salt-licking town, and which was most probably followed minutes later by a quick jaunt to the bathroom to rinse off all the "icky lady saliva."