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As billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein is accused of soliciting underage women to give him massages and happy endings at his Palm Beach mansion, it should come as no surprise that he is similarly sketchy when it comes to his defense. The Palm Beach Post reports that some potential witnesses have been followed and/or offered money for their silence, being told that those who cooperate with the authorities will be "dealt with" (presumably said dealings will involve a strap-on). Additionally, in a magnificent stretch of legal maneuvering, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz met with the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office to provide information discrediting the girls in question. And what better way to make a young woman look bad than with her own MySpace pages?

The case originally was going to be presented to the grand jury in February, but was postponed after Dershowitz produced information gleaned from the Web site showing some of the alleged victims commenting on alcohol and marijuana use, according to the police report prepared by Detective Joseph Recarey.

Haley Robson, a 20-year-old Royal Palm Beach woman who told police she recruited girls for Epstein, also is profiled on Her page includes photos of her and her friends, including one using the name "Pimpin' Made EZ." Robson, who was not charged in the case, is a potential prosecution witness.

So: how long till they start using MySpace to discredit and shame violent rape victims? "Though the plaintiff was innocently jogging in the park, she had 183 friends, your honor. She was asking for it."

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