July Ends, and So Does Lloyd Grove's Stint at the 'News'?

You might've noticed (but probably didn't) that a today's Daily News was missing a little something: gossip wench Lloyd Grove's Lowdown column. Grove takes time off here and there, so normally this would be a pleasant respite for us all, but today is July 31 — supposedly the last day of Grove's contract. As we understand it, his contract is not being renewed, and he has yet to answer any requests for comment. Why would he? If Grove's done, he's got nothing to lose, no reputation to uphold, and every reason to let us all fuck off. We're still looking for confimation but, well, you know. If today is, in fact, the day they cut the expense account/umbilical cord, props to Grove for laying so low that no one really noticed.

And we never even got to say goodbye. Sniff.

Update: NOW Lloyd writes back; he says he's on a vacation and will return next week, but refuses to comment on the state of his contract. Mmhmm.