Tonight is about more than just the inevitable "fuck Monday" happy-hour blackout; it also brings episode 2 of Tabloid Wars, Bravo's docu-series about the madcap antics of the Daily News. The episode is pretty heavy on Hud Morgan, the former fluffer for gossip Lloyd Grove — keep an eye out for his heart-stirring philosophical moments (none of which, mind you, will overshadow the adorable grit of deputy metro meat Greg Gittrich). To satiate you in the meantime, a clip from this morning's Today show, in which entertainment jaw Jill Rappaport sits down with married gossips George Rush and Joanna Molloy. While Joanna goes on about the importance of sources and whatnot, do enjoy as George plays the good husband and more or less keeps his mouth shut. Well done, Ms. Molloy.

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