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Remember when Endeavor superagent Ari Emanuel called for a industry boycott of Mel Gibson by saying, "There are times in history when standing up against bigotry and racism is more important than money." Good times, as they say. Over at Slate, Kim Masters has found at least one person in this town willing to opt for forgiveness over a symbolic stand against the drunk-drivingest, Jew-blamingest star in Hollywood:

I've worked with Mel on several films over the years and we have a great relationship. We all make mistakes and I've accepted his apology to what was a regrettable situation. I wish him the very best on his path to healing.

You may find yourself somewhat less impressed by this large-hearted acceptance of a troubled actor/director's human frailty when you learn that these words belong to new Disney studio head Oren Aviv, whose company will release Gibson's Apocalypto later this year. Maybe now that Aviv has bravely broken the ice, a public show of support will be forthcoming from someone without tens of millions of dollars invested in Gibson's eventual healing and redemption.