Corey Feldman's 35th Birthday House Of Blues Extravaganza

We weren't able to make it to the House of Blues last night to catch reformed former child star Corey Feldman usher in his 35th birthday by taking the stage with his band, Corey Feldman's Truth Movement. A Defamer reader literally stumbled upon a pair of tickets, however, and sent us a full report, including surprise, Z-list guest appearances, and an explosive climax featuring multiple giant breasts and plenty of silly, stringy fun:

Corey Feldman's Birthday Bash/Concert at the House of Blues last night was a sight to behold: Matt Nelson (of Nelson) strolling onstage to jam with Feldman, Ron Jeremy waving drunkenly from the balcony, "bikini girls" called to the stage to spray Feldman with birthday silly string. Deep songs like "Bad People" (written perhaps after being dropped by his agent?), a Pink Floyd cover in which Corey played a 3-minute screechy keyboard solo, a song against "the war."
2 costume changes in an hour set, highlights included a giant fuzzy Dr. Seuss-like hat, a white satin suit sans shirt (so gay), and the bare-breasted Felds. God, we were laughing so hard. There was purple fog! There was a conga player with a big bamboo stick! The beauty of it all: I found the tickets on the bar at the Viper room Tuesday night—who would leave behind such gems?

We're heartened that Feldman chose to temper the debauched proceedings with at least one moment of socially conscious solemnity. He couldn't have chosen a better moment to introduce an anti-war song to his repertoire, demonstrating to the Hollywood community that even if Jews such as himself were responsible for all the armed conflicts in the world, they were also fully capable of regretting their hateful warmongering afterwards.

[Photo: Getty Images]