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Hey there, partner. Name's Jed. I come from The Dalles, Oregon (yep, the "the" is in the name), where we got us a new data center.

Now, some folks might tell you that every big tech company builds data centers in the middle of nowhere (no offense to the fine people of The Dalles), but this here is a Google data center. The gentleman with the suit tells me that means it's infused with magical PageRank and BrinJuice. Sounds to me like a real pollution problem for the river next door.

So call me an old-timer, but that don't sit right with me. I done lived a good life here in The Dalles, and I don't want no city-slicker engineer messin' that up for me. So keep watch — at the first sign of trouble in The Dalles, I'll be there with my revolver.


Photo: Google Structure [Jason Bettineski on Flickr]