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· In Touch scores an interview with some people who were drinking with Mel Gibson at Malibu restaurant Moonshadows before his DUI bust, as well as some photos of Gibson draped over his new best friends.
· The LAT publishes Gibson's mugshot, but doesn't he look a little too happy for a guy being thrown in the drunk tank by this sugar-titted, possibly Semitic oppressors?
· More! Mel! As it turns out, Gibson's Jew detector was better calibrated than previously revealed, as his arresting officer turns out to be Jewish.
· How did Mel get so nutty?
· Arianna Huffington picks up where her HuffPo blogger Ari Emanuel left off, suggesting that Gibson's agent should dump him as a client. Guess he's also not getting an invite to join the Huffington blogging family.
· The LA Weekly's Nikki Finke interviews the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who is not exactly ready to set up a Mel Gibson wing in the Museum of Tolerance.
· Junkiness pauses to recognizes Mel Gibson's fine body of work.
· Barbara Walters says she's through with Mel Gibson movies, though we imagine she'll secretly still watch Thunderdome once in a while.
· The Daily Gut offers the Gibson Guide on How to Address a Female Police Officer, which yields such scrumptious delights as "Toffee Snatch" and "Marzipan Twat."