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In keeping with our coverage of the Fabulous Life of Jared Kushner, the 25-year-old son of disgraced Jersey developer Charles Kushner and spanking-new owner of the Observer, we've a confirmation on the identity of his girlfriend. She's Laura Englander (Brown '03), daughter of Wall Steet demigod Israel Englander, who runs Millennium Partners, the $5 billion hedge fund that has attracted the attention of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. And when this adorable young couple makes love, they do so on piles and piles of pillow-soft cash.

Also: Jared attended orthodox Frisch Yeshiva HS in Paramus, New Jersey, where one classmate notes, "he was easily the hottest boy in the school, and girls squirmed just at hearing his name announced over the loud speaker when he was needed in the office." Sadly, Jared's hotness was not enough to win Jared the Student Council Presidency. Later, however, he would overcome this early failure and go on to run the Chabad House at Harvard. Just like Charles Foster Kane.

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