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It's been hard to concentrate today, what with the tension surrounding rehabbing actor Mel Gibson's DUI and subsequent anti-Semitic remarks. We just don't understand. Why did Mel say such mean things? How could he? Aren't movie stars supposed to be nice? We're heartbroken and confused. Thankfully, there's always a ridiculous flack waiting around the corner to help us all make sense of the situation:

Leo Benjamin, Jr.
Adrian's Hair Center
Hair Loss Expert


Mel Gibson —he's handsome, successful and according to hair loss expert Leo Benjamin, Jr., the actor's recent verbal outburst is "typical of a male client who is starting to lose his hair."

According to Benjamin, Gibson's in denial about his hair loss. "He's angry at the world. He feels cheated and looks older than he really is. Mel looks in the mirror and it's not the same person he is use to seeing.We see this all the time."

Leo Benjamin, Jr. is the owner Adrian's Hair Center, one of the most well know and successful hair restoration centers in South Florida for both men and women. Adrian's Hair Center offers non-surgical hair replacement options for men and women experiencing hair loss.

Benjamin has been a leader in the hair loss industry for over 25 years and has helped hundreds of people restore their appearance and confidence. He's watched the industry grow and evolve and has a keen understanding of what both men and women want when it comes to hair replacement.