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What happened to the nice Mike Arrington? We don't pretend to know, but now that the formerly friendly TechCrunch blogger has transformed into Fighting Mike, here's a round-up of his feuds and feuds-to-come.

Carr Wars: Mike insists that he doesn't avoid tech author Nick Carr because Carr called TechCrunch a whorehouse. Instead, it's Nick's bullying of others that gets Mike on edge.

Gillmor Gangbuster: A frequent guest on friend Steve Gillmor's "Gillmor Gang" podcast, Mike resigned during the last episode, claiming Carr's bully attitude drove him off. A week later, Mike says he's coming back. Steve says he's glad to have Mike back, even if that means the Gillmor Gang will turn into a trash-talking session instead of the comfortably boring tech talk it used to be.

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No Valleywag at my party: After a certain gossip blog posted an e-mail from Mike, he banned that gossiper from his upcoming 500-person party. Now Mike's posted some of our mail in return, sending the hint that we'll have to pick up our beer and cake elsewhere.

You can't go Om again: Tech blogger Om Malik has more chops and a bolder attitude toward scoops than Mike. But he hasn't gained as much momentum, thanks to fewer and shorter blog posts. Now that Om has funding and a team of writers, will he stay friends with Mike, or will competition drive the two pundits apart?

Netscape scrape: Netscape's offer to hire away top users from other social news sites raises a red flag, says Mike. He thinks Netscape head Jason Calacanis is spinning a desperate move as an innovation in user economics. Jason counters, saying he'd planned to pay defectors from day one. So far, Mike let him have the last word.

Troll hunt: Like any blogger of stature, Mike's fighting an army of trolls, many of them anonymous, who leave nasty comments on his posts. Overwhelmed with the criticism, Mike's decided to delete comments at will. Nothing wrong with that — it's his blog, isn't it? — but so far the effect is like whacking a beehive with a baseball bat. Now the trolls are sending their deleted comments to anyone who will listen.

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