The CEO of Sun Microsystems found a new friend! Jonathan "it's hip to be a square" Schwartz gleefully blogged Sunday:

I and a few other Silicon Valley leaders were honored to host the first visit ever for a British Prime Minister to Silicon Valley. And he fit right in (wardrobe aside, but he's a world leader after all, and asking him to dress down for Silicon Valley would be like asking Steve Jobs to skip blue jeans and a black shirt - morally objectionable to someone).

So Schwartz was wearing a T-shirt with a slogan, right? Or a polo shirt, maybe, with Dockers?

This image was lost some time after publication.

Hey wait, what? He was as dolled-up as Blair! The most Jon Schwartz can say is that he occasionally doesn't wear a tie.

Schwartz, babe, call us when Jobs sends you some jeans.

Lunch with Prime Minister Tony Blair... [Jonathan Schwartz's blog]
Photo: Sun Microsystems [Reuters]