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The Village Voice runs an article focused on Ronald Hoeflin, a Hell's Kitchen-dwelling intelligence nerd who's founded four different societies to further subdivide and celebrate those in the most lofty ranks of the IQ scale. (Mensa? Fine, if you're a retard.) Apparently there's plenty of inter-society feuding and melodrama ("it's our Brangelina" says one society member of the theatrics). However, what caught our eye was this:

Every afternoon, he goes to Wendy's in Hell's Kitchen and reads for several hours with a magnifying glass—he's legally blind—as preparation for his three-volume treatise, The Encyclopedia of Categories: A Theory of Categories and Unifying Paradigm for Philosophy With Over 1,000 Examples.

What is it with Wendy's always lurking in unexpected corners of the zeitgeist? Just some time ago we were all afflicted with the iconic image of Courtney Love enjoying a bag o' square burgers and a nip-suck, a moment later immortalized in song. More recently, waifmodel Isobella Jade has extolled the virtues of the Wendy's dollar menu. And now it seems the burger joint is perceived as an ideal venue for crafting a three-volume treatise on intelligence. Bring on the colon clogs.

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