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• Diddy reveals that he's just too damn old for this shit: after staying up all night and partying, he overslept and showed up over 5 hours late to his White Party. When you're too tired to go to your own vanity event, it's time to throw in the towel. [Page Six]
• Christie Brinkley comes face-to-face with philandering husband Peter Cook, copes with the pain by handing out popsicles. [NYDN]
• After skateboarder Chad Muska made an inappropriate comment about Nicky Hilton, her boyfriend and Entourage star Kevin Connolly jumped Muska and hit him. And yet Muska was the one asked to leave the club. With Aquaman comes infinite power. [Us Weekly]
• And so the torturous marriage of Star Jones and Al Reynolds draws to a close. [Page Six]
• Lindsay Lohan will be questioned in a lawsuit against her mother for fraud. If she testifies half as well as Paris Hilton does, we're in for a real treat. [TMZ]
• We almost didn't notice, but Daily News gossips Rush & Molloy finally update their columnist picture so that it actually looks like they do. [R&M]