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Variety announced today that Seed Prods., the production entity happily married Hugh Jackman set up with his handsome (professional) life partner John Palermo, will be making a movie for Fox 2000. What this means for you—beyond any frivolous, giggly satisfaction derived from reading yet another headline announcing "Jackman's Seed planted" with his longtime producing companion—is that your long wait to see Jackman serenade his way through a screen version of the 1945 Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Carousel is soon over:

Jackman would play Billy Bigelow, a carnival barker whose temper puts him in the middle of a botched robbery and leads to his death. Stuck in purgatory, he's given one day to return and fix the problems he left behind — namely a teenager who has a lot of his rebellious traits.

Jackman is well acquainted with the role, having sung Billy in a 2002 Carnegie Hall concert to honor Rodgers & Hammerstein.

To know a true musical theater buff is to know that nothing—not even superstardom as a romantic leading man and action hero—can pry them away from the footlights. It's a testament to Jackman's solid bankability that Fox was willing to greenlight Carousel, essentially a no-brainer whose built-in audience of 14 avid PBS watchers will ensure an opening weekend in the low to mid three-figures.