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Yesterday's bombshell announcement from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Jai Rodriguez that the series had not been "asked back for 2007" had so shaken with visions of a planet being hurled headlong into canape-less, white-socks-with-black-dress-shoes anarchy, that they went directly to Bravo for confirmation:

Bravo tells us in a statement: "Bravo's Emmy Award-winning 'Queer Eye' has just wrapped its production cycle. These all-new episodes of 'Queer Eye' premiere every Tuesday at 10 PM ET/PT, through the fall season. A whole new season is slated for 2007. 'Queer Eye' remains the core of our Tuesday night strategy."

On the next episode of "Queer Eye" — airing August 8 — the guys make over three generations of hard-core horse racing enthusiasts. Also, a new a new strand of weight loss episodes will kickoff on Tuesday, August 22 with Erik and Khadijah, adorable soul mates who love to laugh a lot ... and eat a lot together.

So there you have it—Queer Eye has not been canceled...we think. Unless of course the Bravo rep is splitting semantic hairs by differentiating between not being "asked back" and "cancellation," through the clever smokescreen of a statement so confusing, not even a seasoned reality show line producer holding a production schedule would be able to follow it. At least one thing is clear: That is always amenable to setting aside a little premium story space to plug your series in exchange for some breaking news on its status.