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Really, you're just not going to see a lede better than this:

A city cabby involved in an infamous tussle with the first openly lesbian Playboy Playmate warned investigators that his shapely passenger was really a vampire who threatened him with her deadly Dracula teeth.

The vampire in question is Stephanie Adams — Miss November 1992 and author of a New Age tome — shown here before her lawsuit versus the NYPD for rough treatment back in June. Seems cabbie Eric Darko (no relation to Donnie), who picked her up in Chelsea, refused to take her to her door, they argued, she called the cops, and then he called the cops and told them she had a gun. Cops did their Bad Boys routine on Adams, leading to lawsuit, and then the cabbie's revelation that she might not have a gun, but she was still dangerously undead. The cabbie has been recommended for "psychiatric evaluation." Reached for comment, Adams only murmured, "Sweet, precious, heterosexual blood," before vanishing in a puff of lesbian smoke.

UPDATE: Somehow we were completely oblivious to Stephanie Adams's ongoing legal feud with BlogNYC. It's the Summer of Lawsuits.

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