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In this edition: Gisele Bundchen and Chris Evans, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Wilmer Valderrama, Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze Jr, Nicole Richie, Spike Lee, Luis Guzman, Kelly Ripa, Courtney Love, Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi, Justin Timberlake, Kirstie Alley, Mel Brooks, Jude Law, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Horatio Sanz, Topher Grace, Peter Dinklage, Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin, Usher, Elvis Costello and Diane Krall, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito, Vin Diesel, Bebe Neuwirth, Adrien Brody, Will Ferrell, Rachel Weisz, Isaac Mizrahi, Wes Anderson, Laura Linney, Bee Shaffer, Diane Lane, Sandra Bernhard, Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel, Hank Azaria, Julianne Margulies, Ralph Fiennes, Derek Jeter, Heather Graham, Mike Myers, Jeremy Sisto, Ric Ocasek, Hal Linden, Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Noth, Scary Spice, Jane Krakowski, Rosie O'Donnell, Stanley Tucci, and fantastic Stalker Caboose Wayne Newton.

Hi! Last Sunday i was with my friends in Bungalow 8 and we saw Gisele Bundchen on the dancefloor with another man: Fantastic Four star Chris Evans. They looked very happy and very close. After the dance, Gisele and Chris enjoyed some drinks on their table and talked for the rest of the night. Again, they looked very close and were in a very romantic way. However, they didn't kiss each other.

I just saw Johnny Depp check into my hotel the St Regis on 55th street at around 3 am this morning. Sporting a nice black top hat and holding a cigarette...had 2 bags with him. Was with some guy that looked like a publicist and carried on a conversation with a woman. Depp was very nice coming out of a black SUV...took photos with fans and signed autographs.

I saw Will Smith working out with a bunch of his friends at the Equinox at Columbus Circle. He was demonstrating to them the correct way to do curls.

530pm, Tuesday, July 25th: Wilmer Valderrama, hopping out of the backseat of a black SUV parked in front of the Tribeca Grand. Sauntered through the front door looking tired alongside two big bodyguards. He was wearing faded blue jeans with a pocket chain, an electric blue t-shirt and black wraparound shades. Have seen him sportin' the same look with shades twice before at the SoHo Grand check in.

Sunday 7/30 - Saw Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze Jr. at the Lincoln Square Loews seeing the 3:30 pm showing of Little Miss Sunshine (hysterical, btw). Freddie looked for seats for them, and they had to sit all the way in the front. She is tiny—had on an orangish dress and white cardigan with high wedge sandals. He had on a white polo shirt with Rock & Republic jeans. They held hands on the way out. Adorable couple.

So as i panted profusely two steps from heat exhaustion who do i see? Miss Nicole Richie herself. She was heading north on Broadway a few blocks above Houston at about 4pm today. Her bony petite-chic chicken legs were plunging in a delicate pace from white couture short-shorts which adequately contrasted with orange-hued dye covering her skin. She's bomb.

July 26 @1030pm: Spike Lee at the 59th Columbus Circle train stop area walking with some guy who looked like the guy who played John Hammond in Jurassic Park, looking either drunk or really happy. He smiled and waved at us when we looked back at him.

You rarely expect movie stars to be waiting for a bus, but that's just what Luis Guzman (looking just as you'd imagine him: short with thick curly hair under a tan baseball cap, wearing a tan t-shirt and shorts and new balance sneakers) with his two daughters last night in front of the whole foods in union square. While waiting, a fan approached him and Guzman gave him a friendly hello, but declined to take a picture on account of "being with my kids." He rode the M14 with me past my stop on the lower east side. His kids were kind of obnoxious on the bus and other passengers changed seats so they wouldn't have to sit near them.

Saw Kelly Ripa at whole foods, Columbus Circle at 4:30 pm. Her son was having a fit and she didn't look too happy herself. No make-up, and VERY petite- still looked fabulous despite the screaming child.

Saw Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Bean cobain have been frequenting the Bergdorf Goodman on 59th and fifth this week. Frances was in the John Barrett salon at having her hair done by none other than John Barrett himself! Courtney was in twice this week. Once for herself to have her hair color done and once to confirm her daughters appointment and to shop at Bergdorf. The word is that she's staying at the four seasons.

While at work behind the desk at the Museum of Modern Art, I managed to spot Salman Rushdie and his wife, Padma Lakshmi walking by. He looked perturbed and pinched. I looked away quickly, but alas, his wife caught me gawking at them and nudging my co-worker.

8:05pm @ 105 Hudson: Saw Justin Timberlake getting out of a big black Escalade with two ginormous body guards and four fairly unattractive and overweight women. Where in the world was Cameron (Diaz)?

I saw Kirstie Alley browsing merchandise at the H&M on 5th Ave. at 51st street. She was wearing a long floral skirt and matching floral pumps. Bad hair extensions. Had several lackeys hanging on her every word while she examined the garments. She declared that standing in line for the checkout was "not even worth it" then soon bolted for the door as soon as someone asked for a photo.

Friday, July 28th @ 10:00PM. Sat next to Mel Brooks at Gotham Bar and Grill. He was sitting with a younger man and woman who could have been related to him. He was conversing with the table next to us, seemed like a genuinely friendly and nice guy Looked older than I had expected and more like Yoghurt (Spaceballs) these days. May the schwartz be with you!!

Walking down 6th avenue and at Bleecker with a girlfriend when we saw Jude Law walking right towards us. He looked sweaty and buff wearing grey t shirt and some tight jeans. Couldn't tell if he was checking me out or the girl I was with. It was around 4:05pm on Saturday

Jay Z was spotted on East 60th Street b/w 2nd and 3rd discreetly leaving Beyonce in a Black Escalade and slipping into his Rolls Royce.

Spotted Horatio Sanz on 8th avenue near 24th street Saturday afternoon (July 29). My friend turned around and started a confab with him as if they were the bestest of friends. He looked like he lost some weight. Still think with Tina Fey gone on SNL the show will suck. Earlier, I spotted Topher Grace at the Upright Citizen's Brigade marathon improv show. Skin like a baby.

Peter Dinklage attending the 3pm performance Faith Healer at the Booth Theatre. He had a beard and was sitting in the second to last row with a tall white female.

Was at b&n on 6th yesterday afternoon and saw Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin. They were super cute and just browsing for books together. She is really tiny in person. She was wearing comfy sweat capris and a tank top. He was wearing a button down and jeans. They seemed really into each other and to just be enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. We walked out right behind them and he stopped and gave her a big kiss in the middle of the street! It was adorable! (She also had HUGE hickey on her neck and wasn't afraid to share it with her hair up in a pony tail)

1:30pm Sunday 7/30/06: While we where eating lunch at Dallas BBQ (23rd St & 8th Ave), Usher came in with a huge bodyguard-looking guy. They sat all the way in the back corner, him facing the corner so no one would recognize him, we suppose. After lunch we happened to be leaving at the same time they were. As he passed me at the front door, I told him how much I respect his work. He tapped me on the chest, smiled, and softly said "Thank you."

Forgot to tell you that last night (7/30) at 6 pm on the corner of 12th and 6th Ave: saw a bold looking man dressed in jeans and a country hoe-down shirt (when it was still 90 degrees) carrying like 8 Citarella we get closer: Elvis Costello and a (pregnant?) Diana Krall. She's pretty and Elvis didn't let her carry ONE citarella bag! Elvis Costello: Poster boy for chivalry.

7/31/06: Sat. night July 29th, around 7:20p.m., was behind a bearded (no pun intended) Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito heading up the escalator at the U. Sq. 14 movie theatre. When we got upstairs, he went online to get snacks while she went to get seats for "Lady In The Water." I've read that they might be dating, but I got a distinctly platonic vibe off the twosome.

Outside Marquee, 26th St and 10th Ave, Sunday July 29th, 2:30 A.M: Vin Diesel outside Marquee with a small entourage, including bodyguards. Climbed into a big black SUV, well-muscled and sexy, average height.

Sunday, July 30, circa 8 pm. Bebe Neuwirth and a hunky blonde at the bar of the Spotted Pig. His menu caught on fire. They handled this with grace.

Saw a super suave and sexy Adrien Brody looking to cross the street at Horatio and 8th Saturday 7:15 pm. He was casually dressed in Zegna-esque clothing.

Hey, I just saw Will Ferrell and what looked like his wife and daughter(s) go into a sushi restaurant on St Marks.

10am today 7/31—Rachel Weisz at Bubby's Tribeca—she was sitting at a table outside by herself, wearing dorky army like hat and sunglasses. I looked right at her and she looked like she was freaked out that I would go nutso on her if I recognized her. By the time I popped in and out for coffee across the street, she was gone.

When it rains, it pours! Walking home wearing my Jews Kick Ass shirt in light of Gibson-gate, I spot my favor Jew (sorry boyfriend) Isaac Mizrahi peering into an antique store on 10th between B'way and University Place. I don't know what startled him more: me telling him how much I love him and Unzipped or doing this while simultaneously licking my Tasti D cone but nonetheless, as he's trying to get away from me, he says: "I love your t-shirt." Holla. Or should I say challah?

Saw Wes Anderson and a short buddy walking up Madison by the Whitney. They were turned away b/c of a private party, then the two ducked into the Carlyle. His pants were too short for him.

Laura Linney: Sat. 7/29, 3pm - Broadway & 82nd. Doing the UWS errand thing in jean skirt & her flippers.

This morning (6 ish) I opened the door to my gym (5 points fitness/ on Broadway b/w Howard and Grand street, and had a near collision with none other than the offspring of the Grande Dame, Anna Wintour (Bee Shaffer).

Today, 12.30pm at 1350 Avenue of the Americas: Diane Lane breezed into my office lobby wearing a beautiful wispy dress. She was in super high heels, and is watch-out-for-that-gust-of-wind thin. Absolutely stunning—but lots of makeup and hair very done...maybe on the way to/from an appearance or something?

Saw Sandra Bernhard walking east on 22nd St. near 10th, holding the hand of a very cute redheaded little girl. SB had on an incongruous white cotton sundress and a metric tonne of makeup.

This eve @ 9pm as I was walking home in Tribeca- I passed Mr. Chow's here I saw Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and his wife all dining at the western table on N. Moore. Bobby looked old and bored in his grey t-shirt and white tennis hat and Harvey seemed to be searching for people who recognized him as usual. Why else take an outdoor table in this heat ? They all wanted to be seen.

11:03 PM- Hank Azaria spotted walking briskly through Schubert Alley with his backpack. Odd, seeing as he isn't in Spamalot anymore.

Julianna Margulies at "Spring Awakening" (20th btwn 8th/9th) last night, 7/26. Her bag was totally cute- the outfit, however, was not. She stood during the standing ovation at the end.

Saw Ralph Fiennes today at PJ Clarke's with a little blonde chick and a brunette Amazon woman around 3:00. The Amazon woman was overly involved with her Blackberry and was writing frantically in an appointment book, so I assume she was Fiennes' PA. Meanwhile he was softly talking to the blond.

Saw Derek Jeter at Ray's Pizza (lex/26th) with his boys. He had the bluetooth in the ear nonsense but still looked HOT and tall.

I rode the subway with Steve Buscemi last night, Thursday 7/27. We both got on the 14th St. E, transferred to the F, and took the train into Brooklyn. He looked pretty healthy and put-together, but lost a few points for wearing these fug mandals. He's still cool, though.

Saw Heather Graham at the Walgreens in union square. She waited in line for a long time.

I saw Mike Myers today (7/31) at about 8pm on Greenwich right outside Flight001. He was talking on his cell phone and looked like the conversation was tres important. He's cute in real like—I wanted to say "PARTY ON!" but then I decided that was way uncool.

10:20am, 11th Ave @ 52nd St. — Just saw yummy Jeremy Sisto looking both literally and figuratively hot in full beard, jeans and long sleeved shirt at the Dewitt Clinton dog run this morning. He was incognito in shades but I can spot crazy Billy a mile away.

July 27, 2006, 1:30 pm: Saw The Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek causally strolling alone through Union Square carrying a Barnes & Noble bag. Still tall, still thin, still not much of a looker...but we love him!

Hal Linden: Alive or Dead? Very much alive! Was waiting for a friend in the lobby at Trump Int'l on Columbus Circle this morning at 10am when Linden shuffled past in Bermuda shorts twice. Within 20 mins also saw Gene Simmons looking dour while talking on his cell, Ziggy Marley (guitar in hand) with his entourage, and Mark Burnett talking excitedly with ET's Mark Steines about an online project.

9:30 PM: Just saw Neil Patrick Harris and some boy toy on 18th and Park. He was wearing a terrible, Bill Cosby-esque vest and looks old. Like get some Restylane and Botox old. I'm actually proud of myself though because I was shitfaced and still managed to refrain from yelling "DOOGIE!!!!!!!!!"

Saw Chris Noth walk into The Plumm around 1:30 AM, July 30.

I saw Scary Spice walking down Second Street at Ave. A on Wed night, around 11. She looked great in a spangly gold halter. Short. w/ good looking guy (bf? gay bff? hard to tell).

Former Ally McBeal starlet and Everwood star Jane Krakowski meeting two gentlemen outside of Worldwide Plaza on 49th between 8th and 9th. She looked slim and pretty. Very friendly as she was introduced to one of the gentlemen.

Bored waiting for the Dixie Chicks to start...swimming in fabulous gays...Rosie O'Donnell, three of 5 queer eye guys, and Stanley Tucci, who, although married, is kind of gay...

On 40 west 57th St. Wayne Newton was outside the building talking with fans and signing autographs. Everyone was turning around to see the legend himself Mr. Las Vegas. He was so nice to everyone, a true class act.