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So that you wouldn't have to,'s Lore Sj berg sampled this summer's crop of breakfast cereal movie tie-ins, those boxed, promotional confections aimed at ensuring that the public is either breathing, eating, or excreting the studio's summer blockbusters at all times. Some of his findings:

Pirates of the Caribbean The cereal bits are shaped like "pearls," which is to say Cocoa Puffs, and the box doesn't explain what the marshmallows are supposed to be beyond "pirate-shaped."

I find it troubling that it's cereal hawked by cartoon beings that don't even eat cereal. That would be like Snap, Crackle and Pop selling motor oil. Which I guess would make them the Pep Boys.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown "Frosted multi-grain ice cube-shaped cereal with acorn-shaped marshmallows." I'm not certain what the difference is between "cube-shaped" and "ice cube-shaped..."

Superman Crunch
It's good to see Superman and Cap'n Crunch — the two most powerful beings in the universe — collaborating.

The fact that Superman Crunch turns your milk blue is a nice touch, as is its other, unadvertised feature: after several bowls, it also turns teeth a bright Kryptonite green that's appropriately effective at neutralizing their natural, cavity-fighting defenses. Still, the intended consumers of these products are a fickle bunch, and the youngsters will have long forgotten those gimmicky pleasures by the time they've moved onto the deadly, sugar-coated surprises awaiting them in Snakes in a Cereal Box.