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Star Jones' "people" (at this point, we imagine she's just making the calls herself using a really fake sounding British accent) have issued an angry statement in response to Page Six's lengthy item today reporting that Jones appears to have finally woken up, smelled the "I married a Gay" coffee, and has been telling friends in the Hamptons that the marriage is over. From the Us Weekly blog:

Star's rep issued the following statement on her behalf:

"These categorically false stories and their continuation are clearly being generated by someone for vindictive reasons alone. [Star Jones and Al Reynolds'] legal representatives have been investigating the source and motivation of these boldfaced lies for some time now and are very close to exposing the individual who has perpetrated them. At which time, appropriate legal action will be taken."

With no income at the moment, we'd probably advise the cost-cutting move of eliminating the $500-an-hour "legal representatives" Jones hired to root out anyone who may have been badmouthing her and/or anticipating the inevitable end of her sham marriage—she'll be bankrupt by the time they've reached the "G"s.