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As expected, both tabs give prominent coverage to the rescue of gorgeous, young Rachel Bruno. (The Post actually used four writers.) It turns out the State Senate Majority Leader's granddaughter was found wandering about Times Sqaure, and, wait for it - may have been "'forced into some type of conduct' by a man who once pleaded guilty to bribing cops for information about prostitutes." That's right, we've got a pretty blonde girl with political connections who may have been pimped out. Better yet, the alleged (or "self-declared," as the News has it) pimp? He's black! This is like the perfect storm of sleaze newspaper stories.

What caught our eye, however, was the following:

Rachel was found hours after The Post was made aware of a sexually provocative Web advertisement containing a photo of a young woman with a strong resemblance to her.
The ad originated from an Albany posting dated Sunday evening, and identified the young woman as "Stephine," who offered "a pleasurable time" for "250 roses per half hour."

An hour with an Albany hooker is five hundred bucks? Apparently, the upstate economy is in much better shape than we thought.


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