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• Vadim Perelman, the director of Uma Thurman's next film, In Bloom, has been arrested in Connecticut on sexual assault charges — but Thurman's not blinking. A paycheck is a paycheck, even if the stub is covered in bodily fluids. [Page Six]
• Christie Brinkley continues to endear herself to the press, giving pink lemonade, water and cookies to the reporters camped outside her Hamptons home. Of course, she had her assistant actually hand out the treats — Christie isn't going to go out in this weather. [NYDN]
• If and when Cuba becomes free, expect every boutique hotelier to head down there and ruin the place. [R&M]
• If you suggest that Star Jones and Al Reynolds are getting a divorce, bitch will sue you within an inch of your life. [Page Six]
• Bruce Willis is claiming a childhood friend is shaking down the actor for $100K and a car. That's it? Jared Paul Stern shakes his head in disappointment. [TMZ]