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David Brooks notes a growing trend in the American class system: Rich folks are working harder than ever, while your proletariat types are sitting on the couch, drinking iced tea and watching Elizabeth Hasselback's conniption fits. This sort of came as news to us, considering the first rich guy we thought of is the current incumbent in the White House, and he doesn't exactly seem to be burning the midnight oil. And, yeah, maybe a few more CEOs have been putting in extra hours over the last few years, but it seems that they've mainly been providing employment for federal prosecutors. It's wasn't until we read the column again that it hit us: Brooks bases his whole argument on an already discredited Times piece from last week. Why would Dave put forth such a weak, unsupported claim? You could suggest that he's lazy or disingenuous, but we prefer to think that he's just trying to figure out why billionaire Tom Friedman never takes a vacation.

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